NYC eats

NYC-Eats can now be found at Bristol’s Harbourside market, manned by this
husband and wife team. A loyal following stop by for the ‘Coney Island’
hotdogs and Philly Cheesesteaks, or to try a chilli-cheese dog or a ‘Brooklyn’ –
with sauerkraut and Reuben sauce.
Each ‘Philly’ is cooked to order and comes as ‘Traditional’ (seasoned steak,
sautéed onions, provolone cheese), ‘The Works’ (add green peppers and
mushrooms) or ‘Buffalo’ (with blue cheese and Franks hot sauce). If you want
to mix it up, that’s fine too!
• NYC-Eats frankfurters are high quality pork or beef, and all are gluten
and preservative free.
• Rolls are baked by local Bristol bakery – Breadstore and collected fresh
• Using local producers and suppliers is something we’ve prioritised and
it’s great to feel part of a growing food community.

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