What it’s all about

The aim of the festival is to get children (and adults) from Bristol, out into the countryside learning about how and where our food should come from, how to grow and cook their own food and generally try to spark an interest in the topic through various mediums including hands on experience, tasting, art, movement and storytelling. Teachers from local schools will be invited along with local families, Countryside education agencies, chefs, farmers will all be brought together to learn what resources are available to us and how we can work together to best use and preserve our wonderful countryside. I was lucky enough to grow up in the Dorset countryside having all these benefits from a young age. It has certainly filled me with a real passion and protectiveness for farming and for the land itself. Food really is so important in our daily lives and we have some how lost sight of the connection between our food and where it comes from. The aim of Love Food is to build and to encourage this link in every way possible for customers to learn from suppliers and for suppliers to learn from customers. love-food-about Save