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Eat a Pitta

The Eat a Pitta falafel recipe originated in Grandma Yolandes’ kitchen in the back streets of Algiers more than 70 years ago. As a kid I was always glued to my grandmothers side as she taught me how to make the perfect falafel, crispy on the outside, moist in the middle.
Nothing made Grandma Yolande happier than seeing her treasured family tradition live on through me. Come and try our delicious falafels at Eat a Pitta today! Hopefully you will be able to taste that little bit of magic in every bite!


Eatchu is a new street food venture based in Bristol specialising in Handmade Japanese Gyoza, delicious filled dumplings found on every lunch and dinner table from Okinawa to Hokkaido. Born out of a fascination with Japan and Japanese street food, Eatchu has been created by Guy & Vic to enhance the growing Bristol street food scene and to supply Bristolians with their daily gyoza fix.

Portuguese Taste

Portuguese Taste is the ideal place to go for a homemade meal, at a very reasonable price. 
Portugal is a very rich gastronomic country, where you can find a very diverse selection of dishes, from the famous Stews from up north to the many traditional fish based dishes down south of Portugal.
Another of the many reasons why the Portuguese Taste has become a success is due to the “Pastel de Nata”, or Portuguese Custard Tart, which is probably the most well known Portuguese delight in the world.