Helpfulpeeps is a community where people share their time, skills and knowledge to help each other for free. There’s no transaction or exchange, just good old-fashioned community help!
We’ll be there to make people aware that there are 15,000+ Helpfulpeeps in Bristol and that they can get involved too!


Meraki Way

Meraki means pouring your soul into something wholeheartedly such as preparing food and doing so with love, passion and creativity!
Here at The Meraki Way we are true to our name!
We are passionate about creating delicious Mediterranean and Middle Easton inspired meze for our customers to enjoy.  Think big juicy olives, garlicky artichoke hearts, creamy tzatziki, harissa cashew cream and Greek pies. We put our own twist on traditional dishes and add delicious surprises along the way! We can’t promise you the Mediterranean sunshine but we can promise you fresh feel good food with big taste, bold colours, prepared with plenty of Meraki!


Firebird Oven

We are award-winning artisan bakers and lovingly hand-make each and every one of our yummy doughnuts…! For LoveFood Valentines  Market we will be bringing the following flavours, which can be bought individually or we will be doing a special offer on the day of 3 for £5:
Classic Jam in Raspberry Sugar
Lemon Cream with Popping Candy
Double Chocolate
Chocolate Orange
Vanilla Custard
Blueberry Cream Swirl


A whole new world of discovery awaits you at WWT Wetland Centres. There’s trails ablaze with wildlife, canoe safaris through quiet waterways, encounters with some of the world’s most endangered birds and adventure playgrounds for little explorers. Add to that, a packed line-up of events throughout the year, cafes serving delicious homemade goodies, and gift shops bursting with take-home treats.

World Wildlife Fund

Become a member of WWF and help our vital work to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable animals, places and people, tackle climate change and address the unsustainable consumption of precious natural resources. Our work and our many successes are only possible thanks to the generosity of our many supporters. We rely on every single one of you.


Floriography by Vera Fallacy is a little – but full up – flower shop and hub of creativity, where we hope you will all feel welcome.
 It is home to flowers selected daily with love, reflecting the changing seasons, and inspired by all the possibilities, shapes, shades and spectrums that exist in this world. Flowers designed and arranged – with very much love –  for all moments, possibilities, adventures and memories.