Forage Fine Foods

At Forage we spend a lot of time doing some very serious playing with our food – we get rather excited by things like discovering that together dandelion, ox eyed daisy and sorrel leaves taste of the smell of spring, that adding a pinch of lavender to elderberries transform their flavour into the smoothest preserve you’ll ever spread on your toast, and that honeysuckle joined with a sprig of tarragon is just, well, ethereal and we’ve just found out that Rosehip and Horseradish are destined for a long term relationship. And because we are inspired by the bounty nature conjures up, there is no guarantee that what we make one year, we’ll be able to make the next; this means we’ll never be very scalable, uniform or sat on supermarket shelves, but we’re not worried about that; we’re more concerned that we make you smile with every spoonful.

Oxfords bakery

Oxfords Bakery in Sherborne Dorset haven’t changed their methods or recipes for over four generations, Ingredients are still combined using the original 1911 dough mixer, before being moulded by skilled hands using techniques that have been passed down between generations. Finally, it is left to “prove” before being cooked in the original Edwardian oven.

Naughty Brownie

Naughty Brownie is all about baking the tastiest, gooiest and naughtiest brownies possible, because that’s the way brownies should be.
As a keen chocoholic who loves anything rich, chocolatey and indulgent I was continually disappointed when buying chocolate brownies and this inspired the creation of Naughty Brownie.

olives n stuff


We find and import the best quality olives available. When they arrive in our kitchen in Bromham, we remove a huge amount of the salt content, which makes them even healthier. We have a very wide repertoire of dressings for our olives – many of them with a “Wiltshire twist” that you won’t get anywhere else!


South Street Kitchen

SSK was founded on the basis of creating a place where you come and enjoy great food and drink. We don’t count how many calories are in a dish but we will spend alot of time trying to get the best out of the ingredients. It is all about creating dishes, cocktails, sourcing wines and beers that put a smile on your face and as they say life is too short to eat bad food and drink bad wine! 


We believe that simple pleasures are important. We keep things simple with our traditional methods and natural recipes. Each bottle is made by hand in the Somerset countryside, using real ingredients with NO BADDIES or BUBBLES needed!
Simply made to make you smile!
Our lemonades will leave a tingle on your tongue and make your taste buds come alive. They are all full of real fruit juice and come in a variety of tongue tingling flavours.