Forage Fine Foods

At Forage we spend a lot of time doing some very serious playing with our food – we get rather excited by things like discovering that together dandelion, ox eyed daisy and sorrel leaves taste of the smell of spring, that adding a pinch of lavender to elderberries transform their flavour into the smoothest preserve you’ll ever spread on your toast, and that honeysuckle joined with a sprig of tarragon is just, well, ethereal and we’ve just found out that Rosehip and Horseradish are destined for a long term relationship. And because we are inspired by the bounty nature conjures up, there is no guarantee that what we make one year, we’ll be able to make the next; this means we’ll never be very scalable, uniform or sat on supermarket shelves, but we’re not worried about that; we’re more concerned that we make you smile with every spoonful.

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