Paintworks Street Food

Street Food

Gorgeous local and global street food, local bar and music. A great place to sit down and enjoy some delicious food with family and friends and soak up the fun and colourful atmosphere…


SSK was founded on the basis of creating a place where you come and enjoy great food and drink. We don't count how many calories are in a dish but we will spend alot of time trying to get the best out of the ingredients. It is all about creating dishes, cocktails, sourcing wines and beers that put a smile on your face and as they say life is too short to eat bad food and drink bad wine! 

Churros Ole - Our delicious specialities are Churros and stuffed Churros with chocolate, custard and ice cream, So as to prepare our pastries and dipping chocolate we use the best ingredients, including British fresh milk and cream. Our pastries are vegan friendly.

Roulsties was founded in Bristol to bring the nations home comfort toastie to the street food market in and around the city. Inspired by the London street food market success, and despite being blow-ins to Bristol from Ireland, we are bringing a diverse product to the markets offering you something different - you gotta have an extra little edge these days right? Being one of a kind in Bristol, we have locally sourced Sourdough bread and Smith's Lane Cheddar to showcase the lovely street treats this fine city has to offer!! Never compromising on quality, Roulsties offers a range of fine toasties with great tasting fillings to satisfy many hungry tummies.

We  offer  Indian  fusion  food:
Bombay Special Vada Pav : A lightly spiced potato patty in a bap with  tamarind and coconut chutney.
Bunny Chow  :  Curry in a  bun , choice of chicken and vegetarian curries.
Chai : Spiced Indian tea made with ginger and cardamom.

Los Hermanos Combinados is born out of two brothers love for cooking and eating great tasting food that you can really get your teeth into. Big, bold flavours hitting you in the head every single time, whether it be pork, beef, poultry, vegetarian or vegan.

The Pickled Brisket - Selling deli style salt beef sandwiches in Bristol and the South West.

Agnes Spencer’s is a family based, Jamaican food company, producing authentic recipes past down from our Grandmother, Agnes Spencer. We have been established for 2 years ago. We are based in Bristol.  All food and products are locally sourced where possible. The Chicken is also Free range, and Halal. We Specialize in Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat, With Rice and Peas, Salt fish Fritters, Banana Fritters, Jamaican Patties, Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Vegetable. Hmmmm! Delicious