Night Market Food


The street food market traders will be adding some healthy, plant-based options to their menus.  From a gorgeous grilled mac and cheese by Alp Mac to divine dals and seriously good salads from the Thali café, not forgetting iconic Indonesian street food by Enggis Kitchen plus sweet Spanish churros. You can taste flavours from all across the world, so come hungry!

 If you would like to trade at the Night Market please download and fill out the application form here.

At Tasty Ragga we serve Free Range Jamaican Jerk meats & Vegan Foods. Almost everything, from the spice mixes for the marinades, to the Jerk sauce is homemade to our recipes.

The Olive Works – A super fresh range of classic Mediterranean goodies and salads to choose from, including olives, falafel and pasta for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Becky's Bajis - Served from our lovely little Caterpod trailer, our delicious  bhajis, and other Indian snacks, are all freshly prepared and cooked to order. We use locally sourced, top quality Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil, which gives them a wonderfully light and crispy texture. Forget supermarket stodginess,  as Pete from Liverpool said…….“like a thousand crispy onion angels dancing on my tongue!”

SHASHLYK 8 Free-range Uzbek marinated pork kebab served in a thin Armenian
Lavash wrap with grilled veggies, baby leaf salad and two home-
made sauces. Popped on a griddle for some extra crisp.

CHICKEN TABAKA 7 Georgian corn fed spatchcocked poussin served with home-made
plum sauce, adjika potatoes and two salads (roasted walnut and
beetroot & garden salad).

RIOBRYSHKI 8 Free range Caucasus rib seared with pomegranate molasses and
served with adjika potatoes and two salads (roasted walnut and
beetroot & garden salad).

DRANIKI 6 Caucasus herb cauliflower fritters served with home-made
yoghurt sauce, adjika potatoes and two salads (roasted walnut and
beetroot & garden salad)..

Pieminister is a Bristol-based family business known for their award-winning pies made with the finest, fresh ingredients including 100% free range British meat.

Classic - Alpine mac & cheese with herbed breadcrumbs & a dill pickled relish (vegetarian)
Alpine pot - Alpine mac & cheese with 'Somerset Charcuterie' salami, Grilled ogleshield raclette cheese, Sourdough croutons & dill pickled relish
Leek & ale rarebit - Alpine mac & cheese with a leek & ale rarebit, smokey leeks, breadcrumbs & pickle (vegetarian)
The Austrian - Alpine mac & cheese with slow-cooked smoked ham knuckle, truffle & chive dressing, breadcrumbs & pickle

Parsons Nose – The finest handmade specialty variety of  sausages made on our farm using our own Pedigree Large Black Pigs. Made from only the best cuts of meat and the freshest of ingredients, expertly seasoned and hand linked, in natural skins, served in an Artisan fresh roll. Handmade 100% beef burgers and Wild Boar burgers in an Artisan fresh roll.

Al Bab Mansour – Authentic Moroccan dishes packed with warming spices. Tagines, cous cous and meatballs all freshly made.

At Moist we believe in using responsibly sourced and high quality ingredients. We prepare all produce the night before our markets to ensure it's as fresh as possible for our ever-growing base of excellent and joyous customers!

THALI CAFE - Thali’s husband & wife head chefs Asha & Ramesh are cooking up their family's favourite fresh home made Spinch Tarka Dahl.
Spinach Tarka Dahl Pots (Gluten Free without chapatti & Vegan) Indian yellow split lentil soup with handfuls of fresh spinach, topped with coriander, red onion, Fresh green chilli, grated fresh coconut & toasted mustard seeds.
s/w pilau rice & chapati - price £4.50

Hoba Kebab, The Real Kebab - We're giving the kebab a new lease of life! We use fresh local produce grilled over charcoal and pack it into authentic Turkish bread with pickles, vegetables and herby salads. Celebrating local producers, animal welfare and ethically sourcing ingredients is at the heart of what we do.

Marinated Chicken Shish.
Served with butternut squash tahini, garlic yoghurt, pickled slaw, pomegranates, dukkah. (M)
Lamb & Beef Kofte.
Served with hummus, garlic yoghurt, smoked chilli sauce, grilled Turkish pepper, pickled slaw, pomegranates, dukkah. (M)
Cauliflower Shawarma.
Served with tahini sauce, date molasses, pickled slaw, pomegranates, dukkah. (VG)
All are available Gluten Free in a mezze style box.
Please alert staff of any allergens.
Dukkah- contains nuts.

Wheat/Gluten/Dairy Free made with Organic buckwheat flour - VEGAN Option available
Wheat/Gluten/Dairy Free - VEGAN option available

We  offer  Indian  fusion  food:
Bombay Special Vada Pav : A lightly spiced potato patty in a bap with  tamarind and coconut chutney.
Bunny Chow  :  Curry in a  bun , choice of chicken and vegetarian curries.
Chai : Spiced Indian tea made with ginger and cardamom.

Margherita - sourdough base / tomato / mozzarella / fresh basil / extra virgin olive oil - £6 (V)
Portobello - margherita with portobello mushrooms - £7 (V)
Salami & Chorizo- margherita with salami & chorizo - £8  (M)
Vegan Special - sourdough base / tomato / artichoke heart / beetroot - £7 (VG)

Chilli Daddy is the first Szechuan Street Food Stall in the UK, started in 2011 in Bristol. From day one, its founder, Dr. Weng has been committed to introducing authentic and original Szechuan food to the UK and sharing with local people the food experience enjoyed and cherished by thousands of Szechuan families for many years.

King Fin

Eatchu is a new street food venture based in Bristol specialising in Handmade Japanese Gyoza, delicious filled dumplings found on every lunch and dinner table from Okinawa to Hokkaido. Born out of a fascination with Japan and Japanese street food, Eatchu has been created by Guy & Vic to enhance the growing Bristol street food scene and to supply Bristolians with their daily gyoza fix.

Ahh Toots – Art focused cakery selling delicious freshly made cakes, bakes and savoury goods using ingredients from local suppliers. Incredible chartreuse hot chocolates and of course a whole ton of cakes.

I make all pastries at home from scratch & bake fresh every market morning

Los Hermanos Combinados is born out of two brothers love for cooking and eating great tasting food that you can really get your teeth into. Big, bold flavours hitting you in the head every single time, whether it be pork, beef, poultry, vegetarian or vegan.


Jerk Chicken Wrap
With Rice 'n' Peas:
Spicy Jerk Pork
Spicy Jerk Chicken
Chargrilled Curry Chicken (Mild)
Curried Mutton
Sweet Potato, pineapple & Rice Curry Pot
Categories of our food:
Vegetarian(V) Gluten Free (GF) Meat(M)

Buckland Burgers
Venison in red wine
beef and chorizo
beef and black pudding
moroccan lamb

NYC-Eats can now be found at Bristol’s Harbourside market, manned by this
husband and wife team. A loyal following stop by for the ‘Coney Island’
hotdogs and Philly Cheesesteaks, or to try a chilli-cheese dog or a ‘Brooklyn’ –
with sauerkraut and Reuben sauce.
Each ‘Philly’ is cooked to order and comes as ‘Traditional’ (seasoned steak,
sautéed onions, provolone cheese), ‘The Works’ (add green peppers and
mushrooms) or ‘Buffalo’ (with blue cheese and Franks hot sauce). If you want
to mix it up, that’s fine too!
• NYC-Eats frankfurters are high quality pork or beef, and all are gluten
and preservative free.
• Rolls are baked by local Bristol bakery – Breadstore and collected fresh
• Using local producers and suppliers is something we’ve prioritised and
it’s great to feel part of a growing food community.

Jam Down – Rice/peas, plain rice, fried dumplins/festivals, selection of Jamaican patties,  steamed veg,  calaloo,  ackee/saltfish, Jamaican jerk chicken/pork, stew chicken, curried goat. cakes, sweet potato pudding, natural fruit juices.

Persian Kitchen creates delicious meals inspired by the remarkable flavours of
the region of Persia. Whether making traditional Ghormeh Sabzi and Fesenjan or
our take on the classic Kebob we aim to utilise local ingredients and operate to
the highest ethical standards.4


ENGGI’S KITCHEN produces homemade food. I grew up with homemade food, cooked and prepared by my late mother. She was the queen of the kitchen. She is the one who inspired me to create ENGGI’S KITCHEN, her kitchen is always full of ingredients and when she cooked the scent of simmering galangal, lemongrass or even the sizzling chilly in the wok always creates a safe heaven for those entering her kitchen and enjoying her cooking.

At White’s Botanicals we want you to feel nourished. Step into our beautiful space and feel revived. Draped with greenery and vines, this family run cafe creates fresh brunches, lunches and treats for friends, families and business people throughout their busy week. Our ‘White’s Plates’ display fresh salads, fish, cheese or meats, with plenty of vegan options. We all have a passion for nutrition and finding new interesting recipes. Tuck into buckwheat pancakes with blueberries, nutrient packed smoothies or our inventive raw vegan cakes, alongside a tasty selection of classic cakes and pastries of course.

Cubanos - Crunchy Cuban bread, 24hrs marinated Pork shoulder, salami, Swiss cheese, sweet pickled gherkins , yellow mustard
Medianoche - Sweet Medianoche bread, 24hrs marinated Pork, salami, Swiss cheese, sweet pickled gherkins, mustard mayo
Vegetarianos - Punjtant mixtures spieces, paprika, onions, smoked Swiss cheese, sweet pickles, mustard mayo - Vegetarian
Welshman goes to Cuba - 24hrs marinated lamb shoulder, salami, Swiss cheese, sweet pickled gherkins, mustard mayo, choice of bread

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, made fresh to order using seasonal, organic and locally sourced ingredients. Find us in St Nicholas Market in Bristol!

Bbq pulled jackfruit (vegan)
Beef brisket
Pulled pork

Served in a choice of gluten free salad box or in a fresh brioche roll with a selection of homemade sauces, salads and sides.
(vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, meat)

Noodles & Nibbles:
Noodles // Spicy Chicken - Sticky Hoisin Pork Belly - Szechuan Prawn (vegan!) - Toasted Cashew Nuts - Veggie
Nibbles // Marinated Olives - Cashew Nuts - Dumplings (BBQ Beef - Kimchi + Pork - Kimchi + Veg)

Sweets // Brownie + Ice-cream

Slow Roast Lamb Shawarma
Local lamb shoulder marinated in Middle Eastern spices, garlic, sumac & lemon
Jerk Kid Goat
Our signature dish of marinated and slow roasted jerk Cotswold kid goat shoulder
Moroccan Chermoula Chicken
Free range boneless chicken thighs cooked in paprika, cumin, peppers, tomato, saffron & lemon
Coconut & Lime Dhal
Red lentils cooked in South Indian spices, curry leaves, coconut milk &  fresh lime (vegan)
Aubergine & Chick Pea Tagine
Slow cooked aubergines, chick peas, black olives and preserved lemons in a morrocan tagine topped with almonds (vegan)
Steamed Rice Sweet Potato and a garnish of no may slaw, dairy free yoghurt and hot sauces


Momo Bar – delicious and healthy tibetan food. Steamed to keep all the goodness in, to nourish both body and soul. These dumplings, crafted by hand in different designs are made from quality ingredients, based on recipes handed down through tibetan nomad family and tweaked for new tastes.

Matina – Homemade Kurdish naan breads, marinaded lamb, chicken and halloumi skewers with a choice of freshly made salads and sauces.

Grillstock – We’ll be serving up our usual pit smoked BBQ menu, along with a couple of specials. We’ll also have bottles of Grillstock’s own IPA available, to wash it all down with!


From food, to clothes, to jewellery; a fantastic array of eclectic stalls can be found within the main St Nicks buildings – and now voted Britain’s Best Large Indoor Market!