Shindig Weekender

We love Shindig, it’s one of our favourite festivals so we are naturally delighted to be curating a Love Food feasting area at this years event.

The area will consist of 8 carefully selected street food vendors and offers a unique opportunity to be involved in this brilliant event. Pitches for this area are 10ft by 10ft. You will need to provide your own gazebo, to be situated around a large covered dining area with a bar and some laid back food grooves. The crowd are a discerning lot who love a good party and are very passionate about their food, so only the best dishes will do.

We are not to able to accept applications from traders wishing to sell meat so please put your best vegetarian / fish dishes forward for consideration. Operating hours will be 16.00 – 21.00 on Friday and 10.30 until 21.00 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

The festival attracts 5,000 people. There are limited spaces available on site for larger venues and food trucks, the prices for these are bespoke. If you would like to discuss one of these opportunities, please email



Kick start the summer at the Shindig Weekender in May, one of the country’s few genuinely ‘Boutique’ boutique festivals. No VIP tickets necessary as Shindiggers are all VIP and get to experience the acts up close and personal.

“The beauty of Shindig is; we made it for our friends to enjoy. Now four years later, their friends and their friend’s friends are also loving it – and that’s the best way to build something wonderful and beautiful and happy. We’ve woven all the best bits we’ve experienced in our lives into a one weekend bag of laughs you won’t forget.” says Simon Clarke, Event Director

“Shindig Weekender. A cool, up for it crowd and a wonderfully intimate 
affair too. Absolutely superb!” 
Graeme Park (Hacienda Resident)

The next Shindig Weekender will be held on Friday 26th May till Sunday 28th May 2017 on Gilcombe Farm, Bruton, Somerset.


Love Food Traders Application Form for The Shindig Weekender

Friday 26th May till Sunday 28th May 2017
Gilcombe Farm, Bruton, Somerset

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What products do you trade?

Please provide as much information as possible as to what products (or services) your business provides (this also helps us promote you through social media so mention any of your signature dishes/items you sell).
We encourage all of our traders to use locally produced, ethically sourced and organic produce where possible, as well as biodegradable packaging.

Your Products


Please include a list of your suppliers below:

Booking a stall:

Pitch Fees:
The cost for a Street Food Pitch is £600.00
Plus 10% of profit.

Pitch sizes are 3m x 3m outdoors.
Please note, for outdoors trading you must:
• Bring your own cover/gazebo

Will you require electricity?

no16 amp £10032 amp £180

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is required up to £5 million.

Policy number:

Expiry date: YYYY-MM-DD

Local Authority Registration

(for food stalls only)
Please provide details of your Local Authority Registration below.
Name of Local Authority:

Contact Name at Local Authority:

Food Hygiene Certificate

(for food stalls only)
All food stalls must have appropriate registration with their local authority.
Name of Local Authority:

Date of issue: YYYY-MM-DD

Power Requirements

If you require electricity please detail the items you intend to use at the market and their individual power requirements. All electric equipment must hold a P.A.T. and the event controller has the discretion to stop you using an item if it appears unsafe.

Set Up

Do you have your own independent set up such as a van or other unit, if so please state a description and dimensions of your van/other unit.? If so, please email to discuss opportunities on the rest of the event site. The Love Food Feast area is only suitable for 10’ x 10’ marquees.

By printing your name below you are indicating all of the above is true to the best of your knowledge*
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Terms and Conditions

Health and safety:

• All traders must bring public, product and employers liability insurance documents with them on the day of an event, along with any completed HACCP manuals.
• Love Food also requires traders to complete a risk assessment form, please bring completed forms with you on the day.
• Traders using electricity or gas must bring current copies of PAT testing and gas certification.
• Any traders without relevant documents on the day of an event will not be allowed to trade.

Pitch fees:

• To ensure the reservation of a pitch, the fee (and electricity/table charge if applicable) must be paid at least 2 weeks before the event to which it relates.
• If the potential stall-holder finds that he cannot attend the event for which he or she has booked and gives 10 days full written notice of that fact, the full payment will be refunded provided Love Food Festival can fill the pitch.
• In all other circumstances the payment is non-refundable whether cancellation is due to the inability of the stall-holder to attend or to the event being cancelled owing to circumstances beyond the control of Love Food Festival.

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If you are having problems filling in the form please download a Word version, complete it and send it to